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Gay Long Haired Guys Models

This part of page will present you information about the XXX models, actors and stars casting in XXX movies and magazines with the longhair.

At the present time there is no evidence or even sorting criteria in the searching at e-shops or search engines, so maybe this can help you a little.

Usually it is really hard work to find XXX movie or photos of specific long haired guy. Many producents just don't pay attention to this style so if even some longhaired guy appears in their production, it is more random event than purpose. But the actors switch the producer companies sometimes as well as their names, so some kind of gay long haired guys database is the thing worth for visit sur sure.

The following description will be used here for XXX movies: (Nick)name, Movie title, Producer and picture from the movie. With this information you can find what do you like more quickly. Similar convention with be applied to magasines. The pieces with same actor will be grouped teogether for the easier orientation. There some special actors who produced quite big collection, but there are also others, who appear only in one movie. I don't plan to build any rating here, because all stuff of this kind is extremely hot to me. But maybe in future I'll do some improvement of another type.

Please contribute any movie not listed here to the email address above, so I can put it into the list and share it with others. Please provide the basic information about the actor, movie title and producer.

Horse Guy

The titles listed below include many specific styles. There are no strict limits about the movies topic.

Believe me, the gay men with the long hair are usually the best actors and models.

Kevin Cool Kevin Cool
Producer: Man's Best
Movies: Phone Boys, Lederhosen Blues, Hot Tears, Sweethearts
Brian Thorn Brian Thorn, Thorn Munro
Producers: Boyride Films, DudeLodge
Movies: Young Riders 1, 3, 9 Inches Of Mr. Thorn
Series Gallery
Austin Gordon Austin Gordon
Producer: Surfside Studios
Movie: Lauderdale Strip
Cover Picture
Series Gallery
Tomas Hyka, Kevin Bloomquist Tomas Hyka, Kevin Bloomquist, Tomas Tarzan, Thomas Crown
Producers: Man's Art, Man's World Entertainment, Antton Harri Productions
Movies: Ludwig 1: Lost Virginity, Czech Firemen, The Beginning: The Antton Harri Story 1, High Sticking 2: A New Season
Series Gallery
Billy Little Fox Billy Little Fox
Producers: Brigade Studios, Video 10, Bacchus
Movies: Best of Brigade 5, Chateau d'Lust, Bend Over Twinks 2
Series Gallery
Radim Krasno, Filip Jurka Radim Krasno, Philip Denim, Filip Jurka
Producers: Ayor Studios, William Higgins Productions, Eromaxx, XY-Studios, East Time Production, AVI Production, Gordi Films Switzerland
Movies: Summer Cruising, The Bella Villa, Bi Maxx 08, Bjorn Free, College Country Break, Cum Inside Me, Hard Workout at the Gym, Martin Brawer and Friends, Raw Passion, Raw Rivals, Skater Kidz 2, Summer Sweat
Raif Beacham Raif Beacham, Boone
Producer: Boyride Films
Movies: Junior Division, Railed, Skye Riding, Young Riders 5
Series Gallery
Picco Morales Picco Morales
Producers: Man's Best, AVI Production
Movies: Jungle Voodoo, Service Total
Gino Gultier Gino Gultier
Producer: Paradox Pictures
Movie: Blatino Party L.A.
Kaique Brito Kaique Brito, Kaike, Luan, Lucas
Producer: Third World Media
Movies: Tight Latin Manholes 1, Brazilian Outback, Bareback Bootcamp, Back Door Boys
Series Gallery
Georgio di Napoli Georgio di Napoli
Producer: Man's Best
Movie: Boys Extreme
Series Gallery
James Matarazo James Matarazo
Producer: Pau Brazil
Movie: Brazilian Sex House
Damian Duke Damian Duke
Producer: Rentboy, Fresh SX
Movie: Bareback School Medical, Bare British Skateboarders 2, The Apprentice 3
Rick Montilla Rick Montilla, Rick Tarzan
Producer: MagnusMuscle
Movie: Muscle Resort 3
Series Gallery
Danny Taul Joe Ex, Danny Taul
Producers: Ikarus Entertainment, AVI Production
Movies: Blast from the Past, Sex in the Garage, Voyeur Cam 1
Series Gallery
Lucio Maverick Lucio Maverick
Producer: Diamond Pictures
Movie: Temptation at the Baths: Pharaoh's Bathhouse Fantasies
Series Gallery
Marcelo Caetano Allan Marcelo, Marcelo Caetano
Producer: Third World Media
Movies: Tight Asian Manholes 1, 2
Series Gallery
Chaz Rocker Chaz Rocker
Producer: Jet Set Men
Movie: Prime Cut Video Magazine 3
Tim Carlton, Todd Mane Tim Carlton, Todd Mane
Producer: Sharpshooter Studios
Movie: Junkyard Boyz
Series Gallery
Beto Cervesa Beto Cervesa
Producer: Club 1821
Movie: Young, Hard And Solo 4
Tyler Jones Tyler Jones
Producer: Club 1821
Movie: Young, Hard And Solo 4
Adam Hart Adam Hart
Producer: Catalina Video
Movie: Tainted Love
Cover Picture 001
Cover Picture 002
Joe Jesa Joe Jesa
Producer: Junior Studio
Movie: Stroking It - Uncut 1
Series Gallery
Sasha Maxwell Sasha Maxwell
Producer: Club 1821
Movies: Young, Hard And Solo 1, 2, Hot Sessions 2, 11
Ion Davidov Ion Davidov, Pieter Gierek
Producer: Falcon International
Movie: The Gangbanger + tons of movies with short hair
Series Gallery
Peter Korman Peter Korman
Producer: Bel Ami
Movie: Lucky Lukas
Logan Logan
Producer: Club 1821
Movie: Screen Test 23
Tobias Hayek Tobias Hayek, Ernesto Jordan
Producer: Bel Ami
Movies: A+, Lemonade, Sex Buddies 1
Series Gallery
Peter Tyler Peter Tyler
Producer: Club 1821
Movie: Skippin' School
Cover Picture
Steve Kleck Steve Kleck
Producer: Vimpex Media East Vision
Movie: Sex Competition
Andras Garotni Andras Garotni
Producer: Kristen Bjorn
Movie: The Anchor Hotel
Jeremy Playa Jeremy Playa
Producer: Club 1821
Movies: Young, Hard And Solo 5, Hot Sessions 10
Bruce Weiler Bruce Weiler
Producer: Catalina Video
Movie: Bad Boys Club
Rod Majors Rod Majors
Producer: Catalina Video
Movie: Hot Springs Orgy
David Kadera David Kadera
Producer: Kristen Bjorn
Movie: Casting Couch 262
Nicolai and Boris Otov Twins Nicolai and Boris Otov Twins
Producer: Kristen Bjorn
Movie: Comrades In Arms
Eric Prince Eric Prince
Producer: Man's Best
Movie: Jungle Boys
Steven Ryder Steven Ryder
Producer: Falcon Studios
Movie: Mandriven Scene
Bruno Corce Bruno Corce
Producer: Wurstfilm
Movie: SeXXXcuestro
Arnol Rico Arnol Rico
Producer: Wurstfilm
Movie: SeXXXcuestro
Kurt Morgan Kurt Morgan
Producer: Video Visuals
Movie: Everything A Man Wants
Series Gallery
Vlado Bady Vlado Bady
Producer: Hammer Entertainment
Movie: Spray me on
Cover Picture
Randy Phoenix Randy Phoenix
Producer: PZP Productions
Movie: Twinks Finally 18
Bohdi Bohdi
Producer: Hollywood Sales
Movie: Hung Jury: 12 Horny Men
Lucas Rezende Lucas Rezende
Producer: Frenesi Filmes
Movie: The Wild Brazil
Beto Ribeiro Beto Ribeiro
Producer: Frenesi Filmes
Movie: The Wild Brazil
Paolo Goes Paolo Goes
Producers: Blue Pictures, Sparta Video
Movies: Innocent Ass, Summer Heat 3
Hunter Riley Hunter Riley
Producer: Pacific Sun
Movie: Sex Pub
Jay Venture Jay Venture
Producer: Pacific Sun
Movie: Sex Pub
Milton Milton
Producer: Belo Amigo Video
Movies: Swim Meat 4, 7
Steve Steve
Producer: French Touch
Movie: Sex In The Bedroom
Cover Picture 001
Cover Picture 002
Marco Santos Marco Santos
Producer: Alexander Pictures
Movie: Jungle Cruisers 2
Series Gallery
Zdenek Gomba, Kristian Dubcek Zdenek Gomba, Kristian Dubcek
Producer: Eagle Video
Movie: A House Of Justice 2
Marian Hancko, Roger Venturini Marian Hancko, Roger Venturini
Producer: Eagle Video
Movie: A House Of Justice 2
Gavin Geoffrey Dillard Gavin Geoffrey Dillard
Producer: Falcon
Movie: Stryker Force
Kaio Kaio
Producer: Brazil Butt Bangers
Movie: Kaio with Wendel Scene
David Bathory David Bathory
Producers: Sharpshooter Studios, High Octane
Movies: Budapest Baths: For Men Only, Rough Riders
Kip Johnson Kip Johnson
Producer: Falcon
Movie: Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation
Do you know more movies with Gay Long hair Guys? Don't hesitate to tell me to my email.