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About the Long Haired Guys site

Welcome at the pages devoted to longhairs and let me tell you something about the Long Haired Guys Site.

1. What is the purpose of these pages?

Well, the pages were created mainly for fun as thousands others. But I think that they are not common, because they focus on collecting, sharing and exchanging pictures of the nice young guys with long hair. In addition to make the pages more interesting I have decided, to write here some of my opinions about many different topics.

2. So is it right to call it Gay page?

It is hard to say. The page is targeted to all who are interested. The page is here for girls or boys without difference.

3. How is it about adult/legal/copyright matters?

Yeah, there is adult content here. All classes, but legal only. Why not? There is a visible warning before the entrance and all models are at least 18 years old. The Blog section is much less sexually explicit.  This page doesn't violate any law of my country and my provider. I think it is just enough. The pictures are public domain. I've double-checked this, but in case of any copyright issues, I'll remove any content, which will be arguable found as part of the copyright. The word "arguable" means the valid description of the copyright issue from the copyright owner or user, who has the legal copy of production.

Native Guy
4. Why you didn't use any Blog/Thumbnail/Forum/Guestbook publishing system?

I know about them of course. They can be useful to create the "community" pages. Maybe in future. BTW: I can recommend you the BLOG:CMS system as the most advanced solution freely available. Of course anybody can help me to improve these pages, just mail me.

5. Are you interested in obtaining the long hair guys pictures?

Of course, it's all about this. For that reason there is the special "Send" link in the menu above with more details. Use an email account in the page header.

6. There aren't as much pictures now as I expected. Will the page grow?

Yep, I plan it, I'll add the additional content in time.

7. Do you have any profit from these pages?

No. It's only my hobby.

8. The text looks ugly.

Check please, if you have the Verdana font font installed. Without it all of page design will be harmed. I've embedded the font into the pages, but although the solution is W3C valid, the standard of EOT font files belongs to MS, so there is no support from other browsers to this solution.

I hope you will find the site about the gay men with the long hair pleasant.